Contributing to a better environment just by installing solar panels for home

The world is now experiencing a growing demand for renewable energy because of the environmental impact. Solar energy does not generate polluting waste. So the demand for installing solar panels for homes is also increasing. There are more and more uses of solar radiation, both for using electricity and for heating environments, and other uses.

In this note we will focus on saving electricity through electromagnetic radiation from the Sun since we can use solar energy, which is renewable and endless, and convert it into photovoltaic energy; in this way, through an investment in solar panels, we can solve many problems.

Benefits of using solar panels for home

Using solar panels for homes allows you the benefit of saving a lot on the cost of electric power.

If you pay more than $1500 in electricity for two months, installing efficient solar panels for the home can reduce your spending by up to 100%. If you pay less for this then perhaps you should seek savings in another more economical way, such as putting lamps with low electricity consumption. The solar panel system is a long-term investment always keep this in mind, hence there are many different aspects to the price you must take into account.

Things to keep in mind when investing in photovoltaic solar panels or home

The cost of a solar panel or home varies according to the size (in Watts), the physical size, the brand, the quality of the materials, the durability (or warranty period), and the certifications that the solar panel may have.

-Another thing to keep in mind is the quality of the solar panel is determined by the materials that were manufactured.

-It is important the energy efficiency is measured according to the amount of light that the panel receives for its conversion into electrical energy and, therefore, how much energy your system will generate. This is directly related to price. The more efficient, the better the quality but according to that the price is also high.

-An important characteristic is determined by the temperature coefficient, i.e. the impact that heat has on the operational efficiency of a solar panel after installation. Since overheating of solar panels accelerates their aging, the lower the percentage per degree Celsius, the better.

-The durability guarantee of solar panels is usually 25 years. If the manufacturer does not offer an extended warranty period, be suspicious. Since the maintenance and care of the solar panel will make it last longer.

Types of Photovoltaic solar panel

These panels with silicon blocks or ‘ingots’ are within the variety that is known, the most common. They have average durability of 30 years with virtually no maintenance required. Establishing these solar panels for home generally give a guarantee of proper operation for up to 25 years.

-Solar panels based on mono crystalline silicon: offer high efficiency and good heat tolerance characteristics with a small footprint. They have a yield close to 24%, with a higher purity in the silicon than the form that generates a higher yield and therefore is more expensive.

– Solar panels based on poly crystalline (or multi-crystalline) silicon cells: are now the most popular option in residential installations. They have a yield of approximately 18% due to a lower purity in terms of the construction material. However, despite having lower performance than mono crystalline panels, the losses when working at high temperatures are lower.

– Panels with amorphous silicon (or thin-film) cells: they have half the performance of a mono crystalline panel and their performance worsen more rapidly over the years. They are not recommended for housing or large facilities. They were basically created to reduce production costs and get out of the possible shortage of silicon. Its price is much lower and very attractive. In addition, they have good behaviour at high temperatures.


1. Increase the added value of your property

Solar panels increase the face value of the property.

Tax Deduction At the federal level, the Income Tax Act (ISR) allows taxpayers who invest in equipment for renewable energy generation to deduct their investment at 100 present.

2. Reduction of property

Having solar panels not only allows you to deduct 25% of the property tax, but you also save 40% of the payroll tax.

Environmental benefits promote clean energy and help eliminate CO2 emissions from the environment.

3. Return on investment

On average, 6 years is the time of return on investment. In some cases also we find the return in 2 years or less.

But solar panels continue to generate energy many years after the return on investment deadline. Therefore, solar panels pay almost for themselves.

So it’s time to invest in solar today!

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